Mishka AI Chatbot

Mishka - Telegram AI chatbot with internet access and more | Product Hunt

Mishka is an AI chatbot made for Telegram & Discord. It is connected to the internet and other live data sources. Before answering questions, Mishka checks real-time information to ensure it provides the most up-to-date responses possible.

Internet Access

The bot checks its knowledge base and searches the internet in real-time to provide accurate and up-to-date responses. If prompted, it can dig deeper by fetching related pages or following links as needed to provide thorough responses. It also has dedicated integrations to check the weather, financial data, flight data, etc.

Integrated with WolframAlpha

For questions about science, math, definitions, or conversions - Mishka taps into the computational knowledge graph of WolframAlpha to provide accurate, step-by-step explanations and answers.

Hire: mishka@mishka.contact
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